Jobs Supported by trade with Mexico and Canada


Value of State Goods Exported to Mexico and Canada in 2017

$13.7 billion

Elected Officials

David Kustoff

In Tennessee, over 32,000 jobs depend on the passage of the USMCA. It is time Democrats put politics aside and bring USMCA to the floor for a vote.

Marsha Blackburn

Tennessee’s rich and diverse agricultural industry is vital to our state’s economy. The USMCA will increase agricultural exports by $2.2 billion by expanding market access for farmers nationwide. Let’s ratify the USMCA now!

Bill Lee

Trade with Canada and Mexico is responsible for 300,000+ jobs and $15 billion worth of exports in Tennessee. From auto manufacturing to agriculture, passing #USMCAnow will support economic growth in our state, strengthen the U.S. economy, expand businesses & support workers.

Dr. Charlie Hatcher
State Agriculture Commissioner

Tennessee's agriculture community appreciates access to export and market opportunities for our quality farm and forest products.

Chuck Fleischmann

As we usher in this new era of relations, I also implore Speaker Pelosi to bring the USMCA up for a vote to provide certainty for East Tennessee workers and businesses.

Charles Hatcher
Commissioner of Agriculture

Canada and Mexico are the top two export destinations for U.S. small and medium-sized enterprises, more than 120,000 of which sell their goods and services in our two North American neighbors. #USMCAnow


Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of Tennessee manufacturers we urge Congress to pass the USMCA trade deal manufacturing in TN is at risk. Manufacturers in our state can’t wait any longer. Tell Washington to pass USMCA now!