Jobs Supported by trade with Mexico and Canada


Value of State Goods Exported to Mexico and Canada in 2017

$18.2 billion

Elected Officials

Eric Holcomb

As chief executives of our states, we urge Congress to pass the USMCA quickly so American workers can begin reaping the benefits of improved trade with our North American neighbors. Passing the agreement quickly will give our small and large businesses the stability and predictability they need to expand, invest, and create more jobs.

Todd Young

Indiana’s poultry industry contributes approximately $4.25 billion dollars annually to the Hoosier economy. I met with the Indiana State Poultry yesterday afternoon and discussed the importance of passing USMCA to Hoosier agriculture.

Mike Braun

Vice President Pence came back home to Indiana to support President Donald Trump's USMCA because Hoosier farmers know better than anyone how bad trade deals have left American workers behind. Thank you, VP for working to expand markets for Hoosier producers.

Jackie Walorski

61,983 Hoosier jobs depend on manufacturing exports to Canada and Mexico. President Trump’s USMCA trade deal will boost exports of Indiana-made products and create good jobs for hardworking Hoosiers.

Jim Banks

Donald Trump’s USMCA is a win for farmers, manufacturers— and will especially benefit Northeast Indiana. So why hasn’t Speaker Pelosi brought it to the floor? Because she’d rather see President Trump lose than Americans win.

Jim Baird

Blocking the USMCA trade deal with Mexico and Canada is hurting Indiana and the U.S.

Susan Brooks

IN 05 farmers have shared w/me how crucial international trade is for their businesses. Indiana is the 8th largest agricultural exporter in the nation & in 2017, exported +$4.6 billion in agriculture. USMCA opens new markets so Hoosier farmers can expand agricultural exports.

Greg Pence

The USMCA adds $68.2 Billion to the American economy, creating over 176,000 jobs. Speaker Pelosi, it’s time for Congress to act. The USMCA is good for Indiana and good for America. USMCAnow 🇺🇸

Suzanne Crouch
Lieutenant Governer

The #USMCA is a bipartisan agreement that delivers a win for our country! Creates new American jobs, Expands the market for Hoosier products, Strengthens our economy, Increases wages for our workers. Stop the political games #USMCANow @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse

Bruce Kettler
Agriculture Director

The USMCA will create more balanced, reciprocal trade that supports high-paying jobs for Americans. The ITC estimates USMCA will create between 176,000 – 589,000 new American jobs. #USMCAnow


Indiana Farm Bureau

Bob White is the Director of National Government Relations for the Indiana Farm Bureau. He says the new agreement is important for a number of Hoosiers, including small business owners and those who work in agriculture and manufacturing.

Indiana Department of Agriculture

While we would like to see movement on federal trade deals like USMCA, we’re not waiting for Congress to act. Indiana is open for business! Today, we signed a letter of intent with the State of Hidalgo!


It’s not every day you get a chance to talk ag with the VP! This afternoon, ACI President Amy Cornell and several members got that chance, speaking with Vice President Pence about how USMCA could affect Indiana agribusiness.