Jobs Supported by trade with Mexico and Canada


Value of State Goods Exported to Mexico and Canada in 2017

$7.8 billion

Elected Officials

Mike Parson

Yes, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is great for our farmers, but it isn’t just an ag agreement. It’s a 21st century trade deal for manufacturers, tech companies, & businesses who buy/sell across North America. We need Congress to ratify #USMCAnow. Let’s get the win!

Ann Wagner

I met with the Missouri Farm Bureau this week to receive the Friend of the Farm Bureau Award from MOFB President Blake Hurst. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss trade, the recent flooding in Missouri, and how the passage of the USMCA will help our local agricultural community.

Sam Graves

33,049 Missouri jobs depend on manufacturing exports to Mexico and Canada. That’s why it’s so important we replace NAFTA with a better deal—the USMCA.

Mike Kehoe
Lieutenant Governor

Proud to represent Missouri in White House meeting with Ambassador CJ Mahoney on the importance of the USMCA to agriculture and other industries. More than 234,000 Missourians are directly employed in support of our $9 billion export market.

Roy Blunt

12 million American jobs depend on trade with Canada & Mexico. The time to ratify USMCA is now.

Important initiatives are being pushed aside while the House continues to spend the rest of the legislature year set on undermining @realDonaldTrump with a tainted process. It’s been a month and my letter to @SpeakerPelosi urging to pass the #USMCAnow has still been ignored.

Chris Chinn
Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture

Mexico and Canada continue to be our nation’s top export markets for agriculture commodities. We join @NASDAnews and the agriculture community in the push to pass #USMCAnow. Missouri’s farmers and ranchers need this agreement, and we will continue to fight for it.

Sam Graves

Delay, obstruct, delay, obstruct—Speaker Pelosi’s playbook for putting off a vote on the #USMCA has been set on repeat for months now. Enough is enough. This is a good deal. It’s a win for America—and we should get it done now. #USMCAnow


Chris Chinn, Director of Missouri Department of Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of Missouri & our farmers/ranchers need USMCA ratified to ensure the next generation can return to our farms & ranches!

Department of Agriculture

Did you know that approximately 56% of Missouri’s ag exports are shipped to Canada and Mexico? We join with NASDA news in urging Congress to ratify and successfully implement USMCA. North American food and ag exports are critical for our farmers and ranchers.

Blake Hurst, President of Missouri Farm Bureau

MO Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst placed Missouri on the Motorcade For Trade map! Thank you for supporting the USMCA!