Jobs Supported by trade with Mexico and Canada


Value of State Goods Exported to Mexico and Canada in 2017

$27.6 billion

Elected Officials

Rodney Davis

Always great being at the annual Ag Breakfast at the IL State Fair. Congress must pass USMCA for our farmers. There are no excuses for Speaker Pelosi not to bring it to the floor immediately. If we don’t, there’s no incentive for China to sit down with us.

Darin LaHood

"The advantages of passing the USMCA are undeniable. The USMCA will expand Americans’ access to the Canadian and Mexican markets, enable greater global competitiveness and increase American economic prosperity."

Chris Guy
Board member

It’s been over a year since this agreement has been signed. Now it’s time for Congress to approve the USMCA. This agreement will create more manufacturing jobs across America and help our farmers continue to feed the world. #USMCANow


Mark Denzler, President & CEO of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association

Thank you for letting me talk about the exciting & innovative manufacturing sector and how USMCA will help it grow. Trade is vital for manufacturers & farmers across Illinois. Loved my first time in the Allstate studio.

Farm Bureau

Illinois agriculture unites during IL state fair to push for passage of USMCA.