The USMCA is a Good Deal for Kentucky

Author: Andrew Koenig

The USMCA is a Good Deal for Kentucky

Vice President Mike Pence was in Kentucky last week urging support for the USMCA. The vice president spoke with employees at Hallway Feeds in Lexington, Kentucky, about how American workers will benefit from the agreement.

“Under the USMCA, I’m proud to report to you that we’re going to make sure more goods and more materials are built right here in the United States of America, especially in the automotive sector. We’re eliminating unfair trade barriers to American dairy and poultry. We’re creating strong protections for intellectual property that spur innovation. And as one of the guys working the line here at Hallway Feeds told me, we’re also addressing all the new technology and new coding that’s gone into effect.”  – Vice President Mike Pence

You can read his full remarks here.

Last week, I spoke with Terry Meiners of WHAS AM about the USMCA and the positive impact it will have on the commonwealth of Kentucky. You can listen to the full interview here.

Trade Works for America stands by the vice president and the Trump administration and will continue to echo their message — Congress must move quickly to approve the USMCA.