ICYMI: House Agriculture Committee Chairman Supports USMCA

Author: Marie Sanderson, Senior Advisor

ICYMI: House Agriculture Committee Chairman Supports USMCA

Last week, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN) became the highest ranking Democrat to come out in support of the USMCA. Chairman Peterson was speaking in advance of Vice President Mike Pence’s recent visit to Minnesota to encourage support for the USMCA.

“I am glad that the Vice President is coming to the district and will see firsthand the importance of the sugar industry for farmers in the area struggling with low commodity prices and retaliatory tariffs. As the most senior Democrat in support of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), I understand the importance of getting a trade deal in place so we don’t screw up the parts of NAFTA that are working. Farmers need certainty and getting USMCA done is one part of that.”

Trade Works for America is educating constituents throughout the country, especially those that will stand to benefit the most from the USMCA, including farmers and ranchers.

Chairman Peterson is keenly aware of the challenges faced by American farmers and ranchers, and the benefits they experience when free, fair, and rules-based trade agreements are in place.

What does the USMCA mean for American agriculture?

  • Increased market access in Canada for American dairy products, after years of unfair trade practices;
  • More U.S. agriculture products (including dairy, eggs and poultry) that can be exported without facing tariffs;
  • Access to $39 billion in exports;
  • A growing agricultural export market in both Canada and Mexico; and
  • Protecting the 325,000 jobs that are supported by American agricultural exports.

American farmers and ranchers recognize that the USMCA isn’t a partisan issue, it’s a chance for all Americans to win. We want to thank Chairman Peterson for his support of USMCA, and we urge his colleagues to follow his example by supporting the USMCA.